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Southern Skies has been a family owned business since 2011. We distribute a range of gift, toy and souvenir products.  We live mostly in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand but also sometimes in the USA and Australia, to escape winter!  Our family loves to travel and explore the outdoors, therefore our products reflect the "happy holiday" feeling and an appreciation of native wildlife and local scenery.  

  Peace, love and happy travels!! 

        ~  Sene, Courtney & family 

Sene with kids - Rivers and Piper



Southern Skies has very strong commitment to sustainable business practices.  We are committed to reducing any negative effect on the environment. 


Our commitment is reflected in a number of ways:

  • Where possible, products are made in New Zealand.

  • All postcards and magnets are made in New Zealand, which accounts for over 50% of Southern Skies’ product range and turnover.

  • Donations are made to Environmental Charities.

  • Southern Skies donates to Greenpeace NZ, Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) NZ, and Target Earth International.  We have also supported local and national charities such as Friends of Okura Bush and the Franz Josef Kiwi Centre (Sponsor a Kiwi Chick).

  • Donations of product are made to other charitable or educational groups.

  • We donate to 'Freeslaves' a NZ based Christian charity that frees families from slavery in Pakistan's earthware kilns, by paying off their debt that keeps them in bondage.  Our aim is to free 100 individuals - to date, we have freed 2 families - 9 individuals.

  • Products made from recyclable materials.

  • Most of Southern Skies’ products are made using a base of paper or cardboard, which will biodegrade fully if placed in a landfill, and can also be recycled.   

  • Cardboard products made from FSC cardboard and non-toxic inks.

  • Southern Skies will always prioritise FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) or recycled paper and cardboard when manufacturing their products.  This often results in a higher cost to produce, but this cost is absorbed by Southern Skies as part of its commitment to the environment.

  • Orders sent in recycled packaging and boxes.  Our customers will attest that their orders can turn up in recycled boxes and using packaging such as newspaper and recycled bubble wrap.  Our motto when packing orders is ‘ Use Old Before New’ to lessen the manufacture of new packaging items. 

  • Local artwork and local design.

  • All artwork used in Southern Skies’ product has been produced by a New Zealand artist or photographer.  All new products are designed in New Zealand, even if the eventual production of that product is overseas.

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